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Meadhbh’s Corner

  • The Armorymoire

    Old houses have storage problems. This is a given. Nobody 100 years ago had a ton of crap they […]

  • Pinterest for SCAdians

    I’ve been using Pinterest for a several months now.  Like everyone, I approach new fad […]

  • Tudor Lady’s Part 1: Researching the Bodies

    Heh. it's like an episode of CSI. get it, researching the bodies? Anyway...I’ve decided […]

  • Taking the Next Step

    The SCA, because of its rather long history, has members at all sorts of levels of interest. […]

  • Yet Another Blog

    Hi, my name is Meadhbh bean mhic Bhradaigh (mundanely known as Marie Altobelli).  And this is […]

So Very Geek

  • An Advanced RPG Game Table

    I’m a tech geek, I’m a gamer.  I like merging technology and tabletop roleplaying. […]

  • EN World Eric Noah’s original RPG news site. […]

Black Sun Arts

  • Thistle knot box

    This oval box has a striking tribal-style celtic knotwork design on the lid, boldy shaded with […]

  • Celtic circle knot box

    This round wood box has a beautiful interlaced celtic knotwork circular design on the lid. […]

  • Vampire Knot Woodburned Coffin Box

    The lid of this small box is hand-worked in beautiful original tribal/celtic knotwork style […]

  • Tri-Spiral Cigar Box

    This flat square cigar-style box has a beautiful interlaced celtic/viking knotwork design on the […]

  • Celtic Hound Bone Hanging

    This bone-shaped plaque has a hound or wolf celtic knotwork design burned on the face, filled with […]